2016-2017 Committee Assignments

If you would like to join a committee or are interested in learning more, please contact Debbie Mikula, Executive Director, at 

Executive - Board Members Only

The Executive Committee of the Board may exercise any powers and authority of the board in the management of the business affairs of the Corporation during the period between board meetings.They will serve as the annual evaluation committee of the executive director and will serve as the board development committee in the recruitment of candidates to the board. They will also develop plans for annual board orientation and oversee board professional development opportunities.

Chair:  Jeff Magnuson
Members:   Ginny Haas, Steve Kozera, Kathie Feldpausch

Finance - Board Members Only

Develop annual operational budget. Review financial policies and procedures. Provide financial oversight and address other financial issues, including investments, as needed. 

Chair:  Kathie Feldpausch
Members:  George Orban, Ryan Lowe


Support the needs of the smARTS program and Creative Exchange as necessary. Assist in advancing and promoting any other relevant educational experience, activities, and programs aligned with serving the Arts Council artists and arts organizations. 

Chair: Terry Carella
Members:  Hope Rollins, Michelle Word, Katrina Daniels, Alice Brinkman, Sarah Pinder


Support the development of partnerships and collaborative relationships that position arts and culture as integral to developing creative communities. Work to build strong alliances with municipal leaders, economic development, schools, CVB, commercial associations, etc. Assist in incorporating the Cultural Economic Development plan into overall work of the Arts Council and bring focus to placemaking initiatives in the tri-counties including public art, art walks, etc.

Chair: Ginny Haas
Members:  Steve Kozera, Tina Newhauser, Arnold Weinfeld, Michelle Carlson, Nathan Triplett, Sara Parkinson, Sam Schultz, Bill Mansfield, Becky Brewer, Michelle Rahl, Joy Walter, Kirk Meadows, Julie Pingston


Support the needs of the grant giving programs including the Young Creative Scholarships, the Individual Artists in the Community Grants and the Chris Clark Fellowships. Help plan and execute the fundraising events and award programs of the Arts Council.

Chair: Craig Mitchell Smith
Members:  Jeff Magnuson, John Dale Smith, Suzanne Brouse, Stella Cash, Katrina Daniels, Megan Martin, Karen Grannemann, Nathan Triplett, Patty Barnas


The Arts Council is a regional leader for arts advocacy and works actively at the local, state, and national levels to assist constituents in voicing important issues regarding arts education, cultural economic development, cultural tourism and cultural issues. Assist in defining statements, making contacts locally and statewide to address issues of importance to our arts and cultural community.

Chair: George Orban
Members:  Sarah Triplett, Dave Trumpie, Bruce Ashley, Sharon Ellis