Arts Council Member Exhibits

Meet Our 2017 Exhibiting Artists


The Arts Council of Greater Lansing offers members the opportunity to showcase artwork in the contemporary setting at 1208 Turner Street. Exhibits run for one month (as assigned by the Arts Council). 

The Arts Council exhibit wall has a Walker Display system, which runs approximately 20 feet and holds up to 300 pounds of weight in total (50 pounds per hanging mechanism). 

Artists are responsible for installing their work.The Arts Council provides marketing, support and exhibit consultations to exhibiting artists.




January - Jessica Kovan

February - Kimberly Lavon 



March - Young Creatives

 April - Saralee Howard 


May - Justin Troisi

June -Mary Ablao 

 July - Melissa Eggleston 

August -  David Smith 


 September - Anita Brett

October - Kathryn Erickson 


November - Thom Verwys


December - Joel Ellis