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Invoicing, Record Keeping, and Accepting Payments

As an artist, it’s important to keep track of your your sales and stay on top of your financial records. At the least, you should be keeping a journal of expenses with receipts of sale.

We’ve compiled a list of resources that can help you sell your art and improve your record keeping.

Freshbooks (limited free plan) is an online applications for invoicing, bookkeeping, time tracking, and payment collecting. You can send invoices through email, or even regular mail. Freshbooks allows you to get paid directly, in any currency, and can export all of the information you need when tax time comes along.

Quickbooks (30 day trial) Offers a variety of products for online, Mac, and PC users.

Billings for Mac (21 day trial) makes billing simple, and handles time tracking, invoicing, and sending statements as well. The Pro version (Billings Pro) also features iPhone and online applications.

Zoho Invoice (free for 5 invoices/month) is an online application that lets you send and manages invoices, track your expenses, manages your books, and collect payments.

Kashoo (30 day trial) is an online accounting application with the ability to import data from your bank accounts as well as Freshbooks.

Xero (180 day or 5 invoices trial) is an online application for accounting, invoicing, and accepting payments. You can also import transactions form your own bank account.

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