Cultural Economic Development Plan


With a network of creative practitioners, cultural organizations and smart young talent, Greater Lansing is becoming the Midwest's most welcoming and supportive destination for creative innovators and entrepreneurs. Our road map? ArtWorks: Creative Invention / Reinvention, A Collaborative Cultural Economic Development Plan for Greater Lansing's Urban Center.  The CED Plan is a ten-year plan aimed to grow creative enterprise, attract and retain talent and enhance the value of place through the arts.

Launched in October of 2009, the creation of the CED Plan was a year-long process engaging more than 500 individual artists and creative practitioners, arts and cultural organizations leaders, civic and business leaders, young professionals and the general public through a series of individual and focus group meetings, steering committee meetings, public meetings, surveys and case study research. The process, which was led by planning consultants, Creative Community Builders of Minneapolis, MN, and its core partners, the Michigan Office of Cultural Economic Development, Michigan State Housing Development Authority, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, the Lansing Economic Development Corporation, the City of East Lansing, and Michigan State University, builds on other regional plans and studies in order to help achieve cultural economic development goals.

Recognizing that multiple and significant activities are already underway in Lansing and East Lansing initiated by many different players, and that these efforts all contribute to cultural economic development, there is minimal need to create new programs, but rather to understand how these efforts fit together within a larger context, and to connect these existing initiatives with each other and with the creative and cultural sector.

CED Goals

I. Lead & Coordinate Cultural Economic Development Sustained leadership and support advances cultural economic development in the urban center to build jobs and strengthen the economy of Greater Lansing.

II. Encourage, Support, and Invest in Creative Enterprises Lansing and East Lansing become the region’s acknowledged center of knowledge, services, capital, space, and recognition for innovators and creative entrepreneurs.

III. Attract & Assist Workers and Businesses A vital, culturally-rich and creative environment attracts and retains innovative workers, business owners, and young people.

IV. Enhance the Value of Place Residents are proud and others attracted as Greater Lansing’s urban center becomes a geographically integrated arts, entertainment, and knowledge economy, and a business destination.