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In line with the Arts Council's goal to, "Strengthen capacity for artists, arts and cultural organizations, educators, students and festival organizers by fostering their professional development," we have these regularly-scheduled educational opportunities available.

Creative Exchange

On an annual basis, the Arts Council brings together our artists, our arts and cultural leadership, and our arts educators for a day-long Creative Exchange.  This is an exciting new event serving as a platform to share ideas, knowledge, challenges, victories and a whole lot more! It is a day filled with workshops, panel discussions, networking, entertainment, lots of learning, and of course, creative exchange!

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smARTS: Professional Development for Creatives

Each year, the Arts Council enlists national, statewide and local leadership for professional development opportunities.  Four to five workshops are presented each year which last between 2-4 hours and subjects concentrate on areas such as marketing, fundraising, sponsorships, grant writing, portfolio review, website creation and so much more.  These free and/or low cost workshops allow you to advance your professional skills and knowledge in the creative field.

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Creative Placemaking Summit

The Creative Placemaking Summit dedicates itself to bring a cross-sector of our community together – close to 300 area residents, creatives, public officials, urban planners, developers, arts and cultural professionals - to foster collaboration, share ideas, inspire projects, instill motivation and encourage action. Founded in 2015, the Summit is a one day event held at the Lansing Center in October of each year and features sessions, panel discussions, keynote addresses, entertainment, networking opportunities and more, while providing a platform for creative discussions and ideas to take hold, gain footing and find life beyond the Summit walls.

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