We've Got You!

The times are uncertain, but we believe that creativity will get us through! Arts and culture are so important during times like these, and Greater Lansing is very fortunate to have an amazing, continuously growing arts community. You all inspire us so much, and we want you to know that we are here for you--to support you in any way that we can! We are working hard behind the scenes to find as many opportunities and financial resources as we can, which we will post regularly here. Please note that things are changing quickly, so some programs may not be up-to-date, but we will do our best to keep things as fresh as possible. If you have any questions about grants, resources or anything else, please contact us via e-mail, and we will do what ever we can to support you and give you peace of mind. You can find all of our personal emails on our staff page under our "About" tab. We'd also like to thank The Poetry Room for sharing this awesome photo with us!

Arts Council Grant Programs

We want to make sure you have help with grants you've submitted and grants you depend on from the Arts Council. Here are some updates on the status of our grant programs. This is subject to change as news is released about restrictions. If you have any questions, please reach out to membership & program manager Taylor Haslett at Taylor@Lansingarts.org.

Arts Council Grants

Please contact Taylor Haslett if you make changes to the projects, professional development and events listed in your grant application. We are happy to help guide you through this and are understanding that changes may be significant. As long as you are open with us and willing to work with us on finding alternatives, we will not have to take back any funds.

MCACA Grants

MCACA will work to approve extensions on grant periods and flexible approvals of changes in scope of projects within their legal ability.   Please note that they will be unable to provide an extension past the calendar year, December 2020.

If you have an Operational Support grant, no changes will be required.

If you have already expended your MCACA dollars, including your match to those funds, please submit your final report as soon as possible.

Project Support, Arts Education, New Leaders, Capital Improvement and Minigrant projects/POD grants will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  

For those of you working on an Operational Support grant and need assistance completing your Data Arts Funders Report, click here for webinars and online videos.

City of Lansing Grants

The City of Lansing understands and appreciate that so much is put on hold right now, so they want to be flexible about the timeline for completion. However, there won't be changes to qualifications or programs for which the grant was given. You should not change the entire project. So, they will allow a delay of completion (with an idea of new time frame), but don’t want the projects themselves to change.

Ingham County Grants

Grant recipient requests will be evaluated on an individual basis.