Catherine Tonning-Popowich - $3000

Catherine Tonning-Popowich will be partnering with the Lansing Art Gallery to create the “Art Has No Barriers” program. Through this program, I will be teaching art classes to children with and without disabilities. Art is a powerful healing tool, to the maker and to the viewer that interacts with it later, giving great power to the work. For children and young adults with special needs, the process of creating art can literally give them a voice when they might not be able to communicate their thoughts and emotions in other ways. This project can have an invaluable impact on our community.

Clara Martinez - $2000

Formed in January 2016, ClaritaLucia y Compania (formerly CHOREO LAB) is the Accessible Dance & Dance Making Project of Lansing, MI. Led under the curious and voracious eye of Artistic Director Clara Martinez, ClaritaLucia y Compania stands to improve the artistic depth, quality, and audience reach of modern and postmodern dance in Mid-Michigan, and beyond. With a combination of world class dance composition practices, community-minded grassroot origins, and an undwindling inquiry in how to make Lansing, the dance world, and humans better, Clara Martinez will organize, facilitate, and showcase free and publically accessible dance forums, practices and performances to Greater Lansing in 2017.

Kenneth Hunter - $3000

Located on the corner of Alton Road and Saginaw Highway in East Lansing, MI. Patriarch Park provides the surrounding community with a gathering place for friends, families, and visitors alike. This park serves as a great resource to the community with sports fields, picnic areas, playgrounds, and even provides a sense of belonging. With Patriarch Park being the asset it is to the community, Kenneth Hunter will revitalize and reclaim a space of this park to encourage community participation and enjoyment from an outdated and neglected area. He will revitalize the shuffle board courts through the installation of a silver cushion moss labyrinth.