Jaime DeMott

Jaime DeMott - $788

Jaime DeMott, an arts administrator at the MSU Community Music School, gained personal professional development and support the MSU Community Music School by attending the National Conference for Community Arts Education in Dallas, Texas. Jaime participated in critical arts education sessions designed to share best practices.

Jane Reiter

Jane Reiter - $1275

Jane Reiter, a Lansing resident and arts instructor, expanded her teaching capabilities in the Lansing area by becoming certified as a Zentangle Instructor through Zentangle Training in Providence, RI.

Jenny Schu

Jenny Schu, an East Lansing resident and fiber artist, gained personal professional development by attending the Michigan League of Handweavers workshop at Hope College in order to gain a better understanding of tapestry weaving and to incorporate the technique into a new body of work.

Kimberly Lavon

Kimberly Lavon - $1200

Kimberly Lavon, a Lansing resident and printmaker, expanded her instructional capabilities and increased the size and scale of her artwork for exhibitions by purchasing a large-scale 19" printmaking press. 

Phillip Denny

Phillip Denny - $500

Phillip Denny, a Lansing resident and jazz musician, produced the album "Crossover” and presented a public concert release of the album of the same name in order to further his position in the music industry as a full-time, professional jazz artist. 

Sandra Seaton

Sandra Seaton - $1200

Sandra Seaton, an East Lansing resident and playwright, supported the increased demand in her presentation of original dramatic works and her need to communicate with those outside of the U.S. via Skype by purchasing a Dell laptop computer and related equipment.

Stephanie Glazier

Stephanie Glazier - $485

Stephanie Glazier, poet and former arts administrator at the MSU Residential College for Arts and Humanities, gained personal professional development and supported the efforts of the MSU Residential College for Arts and Humanities by attending the Poet’s Forum conference in New York City. Stephanie participated in seminars and attended lectures given by accomplished poets.

Zahrah Resh

Zahrah Resh - $900

Zahrah Resh, an East Lansing resident and mixed media artist, purchased a lighting kit to help her develop new artistic skills, enhance the Zahrah R brand, and expand her work to include original photography.