Barbara Hranilovich

Barbara Hranilovich - $402

Barbara Hranilovich, a Lansing resident, artist and art instructor, purchased capital equipment including a North Star 18" Slab Roller. The equipment allowed Barbara to build efficiency within her creative practice and offered increased opportunities for the creation and sale of artwork, as well as the means for creative expresssion through the pursuit of printmaking. The equipment adds legitimacy to her studio as a teaching facility and workshop space. 

Deborah Fehrenbach

Deborah Fehrenbach - $1225

Deborah Fehrenbach, a Saint Johns resident and jeweler, purchased capital equipment for use in jewelry fabrication. This support allowed her to expand her work to incorporate more forged 3-dimensional designs, increase her production time, and further her art and career. 

Dr. Samuel Gould

Dr. Samuel Gould - $1360

Dr. Samuel Gould, an East Lansing resident and musician, will study personally with world-renowned percussionist, Valerie Naranjo, in New York City and purchase capital equipment of high-quality African percussion instruments. Funding will assist Samuel in the expansion of his creative practice to arrange music for a fusion ensemble, as well as organizing an all-percussion ensemble, which will perform traditional African music with area dancers.

Ingrid Blixt

Ingrid Blixt, a Lansing resident and art instructor, will attend a six-day Icon Painting workshop, to be held in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The course will allow Ingrid the opportunity to study specific techniques regarding iconography, network among peers and expand her teaching practice.

Jane Kramer

Jane Kramer - $1000

Jane Kramer, an East Lansing resident and photographer, will purchase a Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera, which will increase Jane's professional development through increased capacity to produce high-quality multi-media and installation work, including documentary and fine art projects.

Mardra Thomas

Mardra Thomas - $1250

Mardra Thomas, an East Lansing resident and performing artist, professionally rehearsed, recorded and mastered an independent CD with Glenn Brown Studios.  The funds assisted Mardra in her endeavors as an artist with liberty over the design of her music; to create a well-made product to secure bookings; to increase sales; and to provide audience members with a new product.