Alison Dobbins

Alison Dobbins - $1,250

Alison Dobbins will attend an intensive workshop on Dance Movement Therapy. She will apply what is learned in this workshop in two ways: the initiation of an on-going dance engagement project connecting MSU students with residents of local retirement communities, and the furthering of her artistic work exploring methods of audience engagement with performance.

Andrea Collier

Andrea Collier - $575

Andrea Collier will attend an educational immersion photography workshop that will help her link her skills as a writer/storyteller to photography and growth of her business. The Click Away workshop brings the opportunity to learn more to be a successful photographer and to expand her business in smart ways.

Ben Fuhrman

Ben Fuhrman - $1,000

Ben Fuhrman will use the funds to produce a CD of original electronic compositions on the theme of urban decay and renewal. In keeping with this theme, he will be working with locals artists and a local studio to produce this disc. Working with other local artists in different disciplines will also help with his professional development by giving him new opportunities for networking and future collaborations. Completing this project will provide him a chance to grow as a composer

Britta Urness

Britta Urness - $575

Britta Urness will attend the 2016 Frogman’s Print Workshop in Vermillion, South Dakota. The workshop is held over two weeks and will cover two separate sessions/topics. The goal of attending the conference is to combine print processes into her “Ladyheads” series, which is an existing body of graphite drawings. As a result, she would then pursue exhibiting editioned prints in juried group or solo exhibitions regionally and nationally.


Happendance - $1,000

Happendance will send Heather Vaughan-Southard to the American Dance Therapy Association National Conference (ADTA), in October 2015. This fall Heather will offer therapy-based classes through a new program being launched by the Happendance Foundation, Happendance Heals. Her classes are geared toward those suffering from stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, and more as well as physical disability in group and private sessions. By attending the ADTA national conference, Lansing-based dance educator/movement specialist Heather Vaughan-Southard will dialogue and network with leading dance-therapy professionals regarding her process for alleviating physical limitation based on habitual emotional responses, receiving specific feedback and new perspectives that will deepen her work in the studio and through-out the community.

Ingrid Blixt

Ingrid Blixt - $575

Ingrid Blixt will purchase a photo camera. Her current camera is 10 years old and recently took its last picture, making her art business unable to operate without a camera for various reasons: starting with the creative process which begins with photography, to promoting her work and creating prints of her work.

Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy Thompson - $575

Jeremy Thompson will purchase a large-format color printer for the purposes of printing artwork in his studio. This will be a huge time save, reduce print costs, and improve quality control versus using a copy shop. As a freelance graphic designer and visual artist the ability to conveniently and affordably produce large scale, professional-quality art prints would highly benefit him in that he could better solicit public and private commissions, produce art for application in various personal art projects, create an array of impressive marketing materials, and provide a much-improved revenue stream through custom-print sales.

Jessica Droscha

Jessica Droscha - $575

Jessica Droscha will purchase an I-Pad Air 2, 128 GB for her art classroom. She would use remaining funds to purchase several accessories that would allow the I-Pad to be an interactive tool with her students; the accessories include the I-Pad Air 2 Smart Case, the Wireless Keyboard, and speaker.

Kim Kauffman

Kim Kauffman - $1,000

Kim Kauffman will purchase a state of the art wide gamut LED computer monitor to replace an obsolete and failing CRT display. She will also purchase a new video card for her existing computer as the currently installed video card could not support the new monitor. This monitor would fit seamlessly into the closed loop digital studio and darkroom she has created, allowing her to produce archival prints in a predictable and cost-efficient manner.

Lansing Art Gallery

Lansing Art Gallery - $1,000

The Lansing Art Gallery will send executive director, Barb Whitney to attend the 2016 Americans for the Arts convention and preconference to be held from June 17-19, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Americans for the Arts convention and preconference offers arts administrators unparalleled opportunities for professional learning, networking, fellowship and inspiration. The session, speakers, and networking sessions will build her professional capacity and support her goal to become an exceptional arts administrator for Lansing Art Gallery.

Laura Delind

Laura Delind - $1,250

Laura DeLind will purchase a 15” Conrad E-15 etching press. The press will allow her to print larger linocuts than she can reliably print by hand, experiment with the use of color and color registration, offer public workshops in relief printmaking, and compete more effectively in art competitions and shows throughout Michigan and the Midwest. More specifically, Laura will use the press to complete a set of six new prints for competition and schedule two month-long public workshops in the Lansing area through local art galleries/organizations – one in black and white printing and one in color printmaking.

Linda Beeman

Linda Beeman - $575

Linda Beeman will purchase tools for teaching workshop; tools to replace her personals tools that she has been using to teach workshops. In addition, she will purchase Japanese paper for a new body of work.

MSU Community Music School

MSU Community Music School - $575

The MSU Community Music School will send Cindy Edgerton to attend the 2016 Great Lakes Region of the American Music Therapy Association’s (AMTA) conference held in April 2016. This event provides resources and professional development opportunities focused on the AMTA’s mission to “advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world.” This year, I have been asked to be a speaker and will be presenting on group music therapy interventions with people of all ability levels. In reference to the utilization of funds, the awarded dollars would go toward the registration costs, travel and lodging, etc. However this opportunity would also provide immense value for herself as a music therapy professional, the CMS Music Therapy Clinical Services program and clients, and ultimately, our community.

Patricia Bender

Patricia Bender - $1,250

Patricia Bender will attend a two-day workshop by photographer Dan Estabrook at the Center for Alternative Photography in New York City, with the balance of the funds used to offset the cost of purchasing a used 8 x 10 inch wooden field view camera.

Sandra Seaton

Sandra Seaton - $1,250

Sandra Seaton will attend the Black Theatre Network (BTN) Conference and the American Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) Conference, where she will attend panels and workshops on new ways of enhancing values of inclusion and diversity through theater and also learn about new technologies and trends in theater. Learning about exciting new ideas and techniques from participants from across the country will allow her to contribute more fully to the diverse Lansing theater community both in her own work as a playwright and by sharing what she has learned with others in the Lansing community.