Ingrid Blixt

Ingrid Blixt - $700

Ingrid Blixt’s studio will now have an archival printer to be able to print materials for upcoming workshops and for her own artwork.

Kimberly Lavon

Kimberly Lavon - $925

Kimberly Lavon will attend the Southern Graphics Council 2018 conference entitled "Altered Landscapes" in Las Vegas, NV.

MSU Community Music School

MSU Community Music School - $375

Dr. Garber would use awarded funds to submit her application to become a Suzuki Association of the America registered Teacher Trainer. This would enrich and strengthen not only Dr. Garber's teaching within the MSU Community Music School but would allow her to give back to the Suzuki Association of the Americas by being part of a supportive framework to provide quality teaching.

Mary Beth Orr

Mary Beth Orr - $1,500

These funds would be specifically allocated for professional quality head shots/cover art and videography for a viable and competitive Website complete with downloadable Electronic Press Kit. Ms. Orr has debuted professionally as a recital soloist and had both high attendance and critical success. Artistically, her vision of folk/classical fusion as a hornist and vocalist, is well developed, and proving to be popular with audiences. She has spent many years, most of which in the Lansing Symphony, cultivating my technique and my product, and am now at the point I can really go no further without a strong digital/web presence. To be relevant and bookable to local Lansing and national presenters, a strong EPK is essential. This grant will almost completely cover the costs of both a professional photo and video shoot, as well as, web site consultation and launch.

Petra Daher

Petra Daher - $1,500

Grant funding will support the costs of upgrading to a video/photo camera with 4 k shooting capacity for Ms. Daher. 4K technologies have quickly evolved into being the new industry standard in resolution.  In the next couple of years, it?s predicted that the majority of Americans will have a 4K television, and filmmakers are advised to transition to this new camera format.  Receiving a fellowship from the Chris Clark Foundation would help cover equipment expenses and would support both her creative and career goals for 2018 and beyond.  Access to the new technology would support the development of new technical skills, and create opportunities for me as an artist, instructor, and content creator.

Quinn Jiles

Quinn Jiles - $1,500

The fellowship will be used to help with the operation cost for a free after school video program for teens in Lansing. This program will be held at the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center with the aim for artistic enrichment for participants conducted by active local artist in the medium.

Sandra LC Cade

Sandra LC Cade - $1,500

The funds will be used to reimburse the costs of participating in the Paper & Book Intensive at Oxbow in Saugatuck, Michigan May 13-24.