Driving around the Lansing, commuters may be surprised to see a 672 square foot work of art on a billboard that normally carries advertising.  A local Lansing company, Adams Outdoor Advertising (AOA), has launched an “Art in the Sky” program that transforms traditional advertising space into a public art gallery. AOA Sales Manager Allison Holtz in partnership with Executive Director Leslie Donaldson and Program Manager Katie Robiadek of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing launched the initiative to bring art to the masses via the medium of outdoor advertising.  The project, called “Art In The Sky,” was debuted March 31, 2011 in various locations around Lansing. To date, AOA has provided donated space to five local artists who are all recipients of an Individual Artist Grant from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing.  A panel of peer reviewers selected the artists’ respective application to receive funding for a specific art project with a local public component.  Selections were based on artistic merit and the potential impact of the local public component (for example, an exhibit or demonstration).  Additional information can be found on the organization’s website at www.lansingarts.org. “The Lansing market is proud to participate in the Art in the Sky program.  Most recently launched in our Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo Michigan markets, we hope to continue to expand the program throughout our area,” said Holtz.  “The initial feedback we have received from artists has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited to provide this mobile art gallery to the public.” The project’s goals are two-fold.  First, project coordinators seek to bring art to those who may not have the opportunity to visit a traditional art gallery, in a new and unexpected way.  Second, the project provides a showcase for Lansing area artists and thriving cultural community.  Artists in the Lansing area interested in being considered for this program can send an e-mail to Katie Robiadek, Program Manager for the Arts Council of Greater Lansing at Katie@lansingarts.org.  Please be sure to include your full contact information.