Artists in the Community Grant

The Artists in the Community Grant Program (formerly the Individual Artist Grant) supports community-driven placemaking projects that capitalize on greater Lansing’s assets, inspiration and potential, contributing to a “sense of place” for residents, businesses and visitors. These awards are funded by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing through its Arts Advancement Endowment Fund and places creativity at the center of community and economic development. The Arts Council provides individual grants up to $4,000 to visual, performing or literary artists and/or artist-led teams that seek to engage the community through their artistic talents (must be current dues-paying members of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing). No cash or in-kind match is required. Awards are competitive. 
The program encourages individual member artists to work within the region to provide free programming or artistic enrichment for the greater community. The Arts Council believes in the positive impact and influence individual artists make within the region, and encourages these artists to work in partnership with another organization to achieve the goals and objectives of the proposed project. Artists of all levels and disciplines are encouraged to apply.

FY23 Guidelines

The deadline for this grant has passed. The next cycle will open June 2024.

Chris Clark Fellowship Program

The Chris Clark Fellowship Program for Creative Professionals was established through a legacy gift from Lansing area native Chris Clark, to the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. The goal of the program is to support creative capacity building for individuals such as visual, literary and performing artists; arts administrators; arts educators; and arts students in greater Lansing (must be a current dues-paying member of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing). The Fellowship provides access to professional development opportunities and business resources through a competitive cash grant of up to $1,500.

Christopher Daniel Clark valued his family, friends, music, the arts, and most importantly, life, using his unique gifts to help make greater Lansing a better place in which to live, work, and play. In particular, Chris had a passion for scene-building and promotions and envisioned a region where arts and culture were the city's true wealth. Chris saw the Arts Council as one of the chief agents of change in this work, using his business savvy to bring artists and the community together. The Arts Council is honored to join Chris' family, friends, and the local arts community to celebrate the life of this remarkable man.

FY24 Guidelines

The deadline for this grant has passed. The next cycle will open in June 2025.

City of Lansing's Arts & Culture Grants

The City of Lansing Arts Grants are designed to support arts organizations and create community-driven artistic projects that capitalize on Lansing’s assets, inspiration and potential, contributing to a “sense of place” for residents, businesses and visitors. The Program includes the following: Mini Pocket Grants, Art Project Grants and the Arts Impact Project grant. These awards are funded by the City of Lansing through the Mayor’s Arts and Cultural Commission and administered by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Organizations and/or individuals serving diverse and/or underserved populations are encouraged to apply.

Mayor's Racial Justice and Equity Report
Ensuring funding for arts projects and individual artists is inclusive and that there is equal access to grants for everyone in the Greater Lansing Region is at the foundation of our mission. As members of the Arts and Culture Workgroup for the Mayor’s 2021 Racial Justice and Equity Report, we helped set a strategic vision for arts and culture in Greater Lansing, and it is our goal to ensure that funding dollars are made available to everyone. Read the report. 
Past City of Lansing Arts and Cultural Grant Recipients (2013-2019)
FY18 Arts Impact Project: Projection Mapping Project
FY19 Arts Impact Project: Below the Stacks Mural Project

Art Project Grants

Art Project Grants will be awarded to programs that reflect innovation, art and our diverse culture and communities. We are interested in receiving applications for community-driven arts projects and programs that increase access to arts and culture for residents, businesses and visitors to the City of Lansing. Applicants may apply for up to $20,000 and projects must take place within the City of Lansing or specifically be to the service of Lansing residents. Applicants must be a Michigan nonprofit or 501(c)(3) with capacity to complete the project.

The FY24 cycle is now open with applications due by 5:00pm on Sept. 14, 2023.

FY24 Guidelines

Project Budget & Itemization Template

Arts Impact Project

PLEASE NOTE: The Arts Impact Project format has CHANGED THIS YEAR!

The Arts Impact Project is now a two-step written or video submission process in which interested parties can share their creative impact idea to be reviewed by a panel. The creative impact idea can be any project to elevate and showcase the artistic excellence in the City of Lansing, such as a mural festival, a community tile project, or an iconic sculpture (all previous Impact projects).

Interested parties can send a simple letter of intent to Taylor Haslett to be reviewed for basic eligibility. All eligible ideas will then be notified with an invitation to submit a full proposal.

One award of $75,000 will be made to an individual, group of creatives, arts organization or non-profit organization for a large scale, high impact arts project to be completed within the City of Lansing.

The FY24 is now open with Letters of Intent due by 5:00pm on Oct. 13, 2023.

Eligible project ideas will be invited to submit a full written or video proposal by 5:00pm on Nov. 22, 2o23.

FY24 Guidelines

Mini Pocket Grants for Art

The purpose of these $500 pocket-sized grants is to encourage all those with creative and innovative ideas to embrace #LoveLansing. Citizens, artists, arts organizations or anyone interested in producing arts-based projects or activities in neighborhoods within the City of Lansing can submit brief proposals for a quick $500 grant.

This grant is currently closed and will reopen on Oct. 1, 2023.

FY23 Guidelines

Ingham County Hotel/Motel Funds for Arts and Tourism

Ingham County Hotel/Motel Funds for Arts & Tourism was established to support the production of publicity and promotional materials utilized to attract out-of-county visitors into Ingham County. These awards are funded by five percent (5%) of Ingham County hotel/motel revenues, per Ingham County Board of Commissioners resolution. The maximum grant for any one agency shall be no more than $10,000. Nonprofit organizations established primarily for cultural, educational, artistic, historical or entertainment purposes are eligible to apply. Applicants must have nonprofit status as evidenced by an Internal Revenue Service 501 (c)(3) letter of determination or a copy of the Articles of Incorporation as filed with the State of Michigan, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Proposed activities or services must take place within Ingham County. The FY22 funding period is May 1, 2022 - April 30, 2023. Payments are disbursed for awards by quarter with first and second quarters in the same check after required documentation is received and approved, followed by payment three in a separate check, and payment four in a separate check after final reports are received and approved.

FY23 guidelines

The deadline for FY23 has passed. FY24 applications will open in January 2024.

**UPDATE - Please note that there has been a change to this grant program. Applicants are no longer required to provide proof of comprehensive insurance that covers Ingham County and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing until after they have been notified of their approved grant award. If you have already included it in your application, no further action is required.

Michigan Arts and Culture Council Minigrants

Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) Minigrants are funded by the State of Michigan through the MACC and administered by regional regranting agencies across the state. The Arts Council of Greater Lansing administers the program for Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties.

The MACC Minigrant program offers two main grant opportunities: Arts Projects and Professional or Organizational Development grants. There will be two Minigrant rounds offered. All remaining first-round funds will be distributed in the second round. Any applicants not chosen from the first round have the opportunity for second round re-application. If not funded in round one, a private consultation with the Arts Council is highly recommended.

The MACC also offers Arts Equipment and Supplies Grants, as well as Bus Trek grants to K-12 schools. There is no match required for either of these grants, and applicants are accepted on a rolling basis until the funds have been distributed.

If you receive an MACC Minigrant, a letter of appreciation should be sent to your local representatives to thank them for supporting the arts!

TAKE NOTE: This grant program has moved portals and is no longer using the eGrant system. It will be available within the SmartSimple application system.

Minigrant applications are currently closed - Round 2 applications will open in Fall 2024.

Professional or Organizational Development (POD) Minigrants

Professional or Organization Development Minigrant (POD) provides up to $1,500, with a 25% match requirement, to assist non-profit arts and cultural organizations, administrators, arts educators and artists with opportunities that specifically improve their management and/or brings the artist or arts organization to another level artistically. The Minigrant POD program may provide Michigan artists, arts administrators and arts organizations a presence at national conferences and workshops. Eligible applicants are non-profit arts and cultural organizations, and professional artists, located in Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties.

Arts Projects Minigrants

Minigrant Arts Projects provide up to $4,000, with a 1:1 match, to support special opportunities and address arts and cultural needs locally. The grant can assist in promoting public engagement, diverse and distinctive art, lifelong learning in the arts and the strengthening or livability of communities. Through the arts, projects can support a broad range of artistic expression from all cultures through projects which preserve, produce or present traditional or contemporary arts and culture and/or arts education. Eligible applicants include: non-profit organizations, schools and municipalities located in Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties.

Young Creatives Grants

Established to support and increase access to arts education for under-served youth ages 5-17 the Young Creatives Grant is funded by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing through its Arts Advancement Endowment Fund and Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. This program provides grants of up to $1,500 to selected organizations (must be current dues-paying member organizations of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing). Funds provide scholarships for children with financial need to attend classes and programs OR funds to support free arts/cultural programming with an educational focus, targeting under-served youth. Applicants may only apply for funds in one of the two provided categories, not both. Awards are competitive.

FY24 Guidelines

The deadline for this grant has passed. The next cycle will open June 2024.